Установка газогенератора Avon

In December 2017 DMEnergy and Alba Power specialists supervised the installation of the Avon gas generator.

Installation of the AVON gas generator for public company «Tomskneft».

In December 2017 DMEnergy и Alba Power specialists supervised the installation of the Avon gas generator after its overhaul at the Alba Power repair facility in Scotland.

The turbine was delivered to the client in a protective casing and on a special rack, which also had been inspected and serviced at the repair facility.

cover - Установка газогенератора Avon

Before installation, specialists carried out a visual inspection of the turbine, and also checked the tightening of bolts, oil system pipes, bypass valves.

ins - Установка газогенератора Avon

After inspection, the gas generator was installed on the frame.

gasgenerator - Установка газогенератора Avon

gasgenerator2 - Установка газогенератора Avon

gasgenerator3 - Установка газогенератора Avon

Installation and alignment of the starter, installation of pipes, connection of the oil supply system, installation of sensors and fixation of cables to them. Installation of the casing cover.

cover top - Установка газогенератора Avon

Cold start of the engine without fuel at 8:00 a.m. Oil-feed pumps open at 2000 rpm. After start, filters were checked for the absence of steel filings in the oil system and bearings.

filter - Установка газогенератора Avon

10:28 a.m. – successful start of the engine with fuel feed.

1:55 p.m. – the engine was launched at full load.

po - Установка газогенератора Avon

You can find more detailed information about our Overhaul Services of Rolls Royce gas turbines and gas turbines of other manufacturers (General Electric), as well as supply of spare parts for them at our website:

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